GCD/AD: Edu Herran
GCD/CW: Steve Lundberg
AD/Designer: Jen Ma
Copywriter: Kevin Breen
Sr. Producer: Jenna Gartland
Jr. Producer: Josh Kornrich
Director: Frank Todaro
Photographer: Rob Howard
Production House: Moxie
Editing: Big Sky

The Making of Nationwide’s Jingle Sessions

Exclusive look behind the process of creating our beloved Nationwide campaign. Everything from concept to post production, including the extended digital elements 🎸🎵

Background Story

Both Brad Pasiely and Peyton Manning are Nationwide’s long time spokeperons. Brad had written a commercial song in 2016  based on the famous jingle “🎵 Nationwide is on your side 🎵” ( watch it here). And Peyton Manning was featured in many Nationwide commercials where he hilariously says everything in the jingle tones ( watch it here).

We created this campaign, The Jingle Sessions, as the result of a “unusual” partnership between a self-proclaimed jingle pro and songwriting legend. One is an silly alpha male that turly believes he can be helpful in the songwriting process. Another is a deadpan muicial artist who’s forced into this unsolicited “coaching”. 

Concept scripts  >  Animatics  >  Final videos

Bus Design

Original Exterior   >  My Mock Up Proposal  >  Final Look

My Bus Interior Moodboard   >   Final Built Set  

360 Moving Footage on Projection

Exterior Running Footage

Set Design

Building “Locations” at Universal Studio

Moodboard for locations   >  Built Sets  >  Final Looks

On-Set Photoshoot

Campaign Hero Images

Roku TV Ad

Digital Extension

Animated banners & Spotify Roadtrip Playlist

Social Extension - Targeted Ads

A peek inside Peyton’s notebook