GCD/AD: Edu Herran
GCD/CW: Steve Lundberg
AD/Illustrator: Jen Ma
Copywriter: Kevin Breen
Directors: Leyna Rowan & 
Frank Todaro
Production House: H&O
Editing: Big Sky

Peyton’s Playbook

To help Brad Paisley come up with the next best Nationwide song, Peyton has a secret songwriting weapon that he keeps with him everywhere he goes - Peyton’s Playbook! And now we have a chance to see the pages inside. 📓 👀

Peyton Reveals his secret weapon – a song writing Playbook 📓

Look inside Peyton’s Playbook

We created a series of Peyton’s Playbook on both Instagram stories and Facebook Canvas. These social videos allow us to deliver more product information, as each short and entertaining piece of content can cover a different product or solution that Nationwide offers. 

Home + Auto
Insta Story 

You can get up to 20% off when you bundle home and auto insurance, plus some special doodles from Peyton.

Pet Insurance
Insta Story

No matter what kind of furry pets you have, they all deserve the best protection from the best pet insurer in the U.S.