GCD/AD: Edu Herran
GCD/CW: Steve Lundberg
Art Director: Jen Ma
Digital Art Director: Mariel Schroder 
Copywriter: Kevin Breen
Exec. Producer: Melanie Baublis
Producer: Josh Kornrich
Director: Frank Todaro
Photographer: Rob Howard
Production House: Moxie
Editing: Big Sky

Don’t Live in Denial, Ohio

The state of Ohio has been particularly hard hit by the opioid epidemic. While nearly every American is aware of this crisis, most parents still have a “but my kids are “good kids”, and they will never use opioid” mindset. With the support of Ohio Opioid Education Alliance, we created an awareness camaign with a fake town –Denial, Ohio. Together we showed parents the importance prevention: talking to their kids about opioid, and how to dispose leftover pills properly. 

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