ECD: Bryan Gregg
CD: Kevin Koller
ACD/AD: Jen Ma
ACD/CW: Yuriy Mikhalevskiy
ACD/Designer: Mike Wilgus
Jr. Designer: Roberta Nicastro
Motion Designer: Gabe Valente
Exc. Producer: Dustin Freeman
Director: Keith Schofiled
Editor: Grant Surmi
Production House: Caviar
Music House: Caya

Ok, Roku does that.

Some of humanity's most memorable innovations are extremely simple. But they changed everything and made life better for us all. 

To kick off Roku’s biggest marketing camapign – Ok, Roku does that – We created a hero film that takes the viewers on a trip through history with all the revolutionary yet simple inventions. We show that when people are amazed by ground breaking innovations, they couldn’t help but say the two most powerful letters in the English language - Ok! 

Hero Spot - Power of OK :60 - Anamorphic

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