GCD/AD: Edu Herran
GCD/CW: Steve Lundberg
AD/Designer: Jen Ma
Copywriter: Kevin Breen
Sr. Producer: Jenna Gartland
Jr. Producer: Josh Kornrich
Director: Frank Todaro
Photographer: Rob Howard
Production House: Moxie
Editing: Big Sky

The Jingle Sessions

Now that one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning, is retired, he’s determined to “help” Brad Paisley, aka the country music superstar, to come up with the next greatest Nationwide jingle song. This time, Peyton surprises Brad with a tour bus so that they can hit the road for some songwriting inspiration. 🎸🎵

A quick glance at Peyton & Brad’s history

The journey starts with a FaceTime Call...📱

Peyton then takes Brad around the country to get some “songwriting inspiration💡.”

“Are we there yet?”

Peyton wouldn’t give Brad a moment of silence...

The best songwriting partner... or not? 🤔 

Peyton loves to provide his songwriting ideas for Brad, regardless Brad wants them or not.

Inside the bus...

While Brad noodles on his guitar, Peyton’s attention is at somewhere else.

A band or not a band?

Being on a tour bus with Brad makes Peyton believe that they must be in a band. 🎸But Brad doesn’t seem to agree...