GCD: Dylan Bernd
AD/Designer: Jen Ma
CW: Bryce Isaacson

Carnival Cruise on Social

People ❤️ Carnival Cruise. We have 5 millions of followers on Facebook, and over half a million followers on Instagram. To keep our fellow cruisers entertained, we have multiple fun content lanes across our social channels. Below are a few that I worked on.


Fun people like Carnival cruisers love joining social trends like #FollowMeTo. They offer a fun way to express themselves and be part of something bigger. So we created a new photo trend that turns the way our followers look at classic cruise photos, and give them a new reason to take more. We call it #SeaLegs.


When you go too long without a Carnival cruise, it can start messing with your mind. Pretty soon your brain starts dropping strong hints that it’s time to go to paradise again. This is known as cruise nostalgia. And this campaign explores the fun "signs" that it’s been way too long since you went on your last cruise.

Towel animals

Towel animals and special occasions go hand in hand. If you've been on a Carnival Cruise you'd know, towel animals are a symbol of Carnival’s fun. They show up on your bed each day to surprise you when you return to your staterooms. What would a cruise or a honeymoon suite be without them? So we’re going to let towel animals help celebrate the biggest occasions of all: national holidays. 

Due to budget limitation, this stop-motion project did not make it to production 😢. But since I liked these so much, I decided to animate the storyboards and share these with the lucky viewers who are looking at my book now 😂

Valentine’s Day - Roses

4th of JULY - Fire Works


When you’re trying to get somebody’s attention, sometimes a sneak peek is more alluring than a big, brash display. That’s why we decided to entice people with peeks of Carnival fun through their distinctive portholes.

A sneak peek at an unforgettable family vacation. Ps. your little ones will love these.

A sneak peek at the prefect high-seas honeymoon. From sunrise to sunset.